Electroceramics XIV Banner, Bucharest, Romania


Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the International Advisory Committee and the Local Organizing Committee, we are pleased to warmly invite you to the fourteenth edition of ELECTROCERAMICS conference in Bucharest, Romania, June 16th – 20th, 2014.

All along the previous ELECTROCERAMICS editions the meetings have been proved to be among the most active interdisciplinary forums for promoting and discussing major results in fundamental and applied research in the field, and offered new ideas and solutions, proposed emerging trends and opened new research areas. Electroceramics materials and applications thereof became one of the major research subject in the field of materials science. Important steps in producing particular nano/microstructures by innovative synthesis allowed recent studies on size, shape and interface-driven mesoscale phenomena, whereas new experimental techniques and modeling tools provided a deeper processing-structure-property understanding. The resulted emergent properties opened new application routes and industrial implementation of electroceramic materials. The actual situation stands for a challenge to the ELECTROCERAMICS community that needs to adapt and re-define its identity to establish new synergies with other important groups in the field of advanced materials in close connection with new trends and industrial needs.

In this spirit, ELECTROCERAMICS XIV is expected to provide an interdisciplinary forum for scientists of various theoretical and experimental areas, involved in fundamental as well in applied research or in industrial implementation of such materials in multifunctional devices. The present edition of ELECTROCERAMICS will also be an opportunity for the International Advisory Committee to revise and revitalise their members and discuss new trends and possible roadmaps of the group.

Trough the proposed plenary, invited, oral lectures and poster presentations as well as by the related workshops, the conference will allow international exchanges, and discussions about recent progress in various fields of electroceramics. A large participation of young scientists is expected and strongly encouraged, as an important basis to promote the development of electroceramics trough possible new future international co-operations.

The conference program will cover a broad range of scientific interest, such as fundamental, theoretical, modeling & simulation studies, innovative processing, advanced characterisation, properties and applications in several fields of electroceramics materials like dielectrics, ferroelectrics and multiferroics, as well as ionic, mixed and electronic conduction structures, in the state from bulk to ultrathin films and nanostructures.


Dr. Lucian Pintilie, Chair of Electroceramics XIV


National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest (Romania)

E-mail : pintilie@infim.ro

Prof. Liliana Mitoseriu, Chair of Electroceramics XIV


University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iasi (Romania)

E-mail : lmtsr@uaic.ro

Prof. Marin Alexe, Chair of Electroceramics XIV


Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, Halle (Germany) / University of Warwick (UK)

E-mail : M.Alexe@warwick.ac.uk, malexe@mpi-halle.mpg.de